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Robot sex cartoon by Nigel Sutherland

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energy saving cartoon

For many years Nigel Sutherland has drawn cartoon illustrations for UK Newspapers and Magazines, with hundreds in The Sun alone. He also draws for PR, Advertising, Mailshots, Articles, Presentations, etc.

Cartoons for all kinds of businesses...

Past and present clients include Unilever, The BBC, Thomson Reuters, KLM Airlines, Barclays Bank, Early Learning Centre,, British Waterways, Branstons Pickle, and Johnsons Shampoos, to name just a few.

Travel Cartoon by Nigel

Cartoons for other organisations...

As well as drawing cartoons for newspapers, magazines, books, and various businesses, Nigel also provides illustrations for local authorities, housing associations, health-care agencies and websites.

Cartoons & Graphic Design...

Nigel is also a Graphic Designer, and understands printed and digital media, and can therefore look after all aspects of design and artwork.

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